Wednesday, January 14, 2004

What can I say about yesterday? Hmm . . . Well, I was trying to organise my CDs a bit and discovered that my copy of Annie Lennox's Medusa had broken. Somehow--and this's never happened to me before--the CD itself had gotten split almost in half. Not sure I wanna buy it again. Maybe I'll just download it.

Anyway, now there are two large stacks of empty CD cases for CDs that I simply cannot locate. There must be a huge cache of my CDs that I haven't seen in forever stored in some remote place. Many of the missing CDs are ones I clearly remember having when I came back from Seattle so they must have gotten lost in the little storm that promptly followed my return.

Ugh. I wish I had more places to put things. I'm tired of so many of my possessions just being lost somewhere in the hastily bought trash bags.

To-day, well. Can't make plans while this hungry.

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