Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Almost got actually sick yesterday! And I don't mean the colds I get from time to time . . . But an actual, honest-to-goodness flu! My eyeballs felt like they were suspended on rubberbands stretched between my ears and my stomach demanded that I sit still for long periods of time.

So I wasn't very productive yesterday. I watched The Heiress last night, which was the first William Wyler movie I'd ever seen. It starred Olivia de Havilland, Ralph Richardson, and Montgomery Clift and was captivating. De Havilland was particularly brilliant and convincingly conveyed a bright, innocent, shy young girl happily in love at the beginning of the movie and just as convincingly portrayed that character's metamorphosis into a crueller, wiser woman. And I enjoyed Richardson's performance a lot--he would have been quite at home commanding an Imperial Star Destroyer.

I'm eager to get out of the house to-day . . .

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