Sunday, February 08, 2004

Last night's dream involved a sinister sequence of events involving grotesque, gargantuan sealife, beautiful people, and souls that are at times doomed.

Myself and around fifteen other people were working for a mysterious, shadowy agency at the biggest aquarium in the world. At least, we thought we were working for them. There seems to have been some confusion about that.

Anyway, the trouble began when one morning I was strolling outside one of the larger tanks--about the size of a large town--and saw that it had been emptied of water. Terribly enormous, dark skinned tentacles with ruffled suction cups and the dark, gleaming smooth bulks of dead whales were piled in overbearingly ominous hills for as far as the eye could see.

Well, it turned out the strange time machine that had been activated in one of my previous dreams was still active, and my team and I were forced to replay the mission that ensued upon finding the dead sea creatures, over and over again. I was the only one who remembered anything from previous cycles.

There was a young Arab man who I remembered as having been killed in a previous cycle. He was a decent fellow, so I decided to wake him up and warn him.

The team had a set of carved, airtight, wooden dorms in the middle of one of the tanks and the only light inside these dorms was given by the spider-webby water reflections coming in from the window, making the place dark, soft, and blueish.

I didn't find the Arab man in his bed. Instead, there was another team member, a beautiful woman who was always topless.

Later, during the course of our mission where we were trying to get past the mazes and traps at an enormous, marble castle, she and I decided to stop at a Subway sandwich and get dinner.

We were having a pleasant, sort of exuberant conversation, when suddenly she realised that her sandwich had been made wrong. A dim, confused waiter approached, asking if he could help, and she began yelling violently at him. The waiter and much of the rest of the staff were soon brought to tears by her ferocity. Myself, I sat quietly thinking about a question I'd asked her that she'd never answered.

When she ran outside in a beserker rage, I decided I'd go back to the castle and see how the rest of the team was doing.

On the way, I spotted another beautiful female member of the team walking under a stone bridge.

I jumped down from the bridge to land next to her and asked if she'd mind if I walked with her. She said that no, she didn't mind.

When we reached the castle, we saw that the Arab man I was worried about had managed to miss the pit that would have claimed his life. I was sort of glad, but it was an empty kind of gladness, because I knew this whole thing would repeat itself again, and he would probably die, if not the next time, at least some other time in another cycle.

We never completed the mission.

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