Monday, February 23, 2004

Decided to play a Castlevania mod for Morrowind last night. In spite of its many problems and the fact that it conflicted with the Firemoth mod (why does everyone have to build their islands in that precise or general area? What's so attractive about Vvardenfell's west coast?) I actually found it pretty enjoyable. Even my level 74 character, the by now legendary (well, at least to me) Paelwynna, had considerable difficulty with it, even wearing, as she was, her best armour and jewellery I'd personally enchanted. Plus, she was carrying Narsil (some cool frood had made some of the Lord of the Rings weapons for Morrowind).

The difficulty was in the endless rows of skeletons and "mermen" (which were in fact pumped up clannfears). Very like a Castlevania game, actually. Only in Castlevania, most enemies do not take more than four hits with even the weakest whip. And I think the labrynthine dungeon would have been more enjoyable for me if my videocard let my map work.

I guess the coolest part was the eerie, surprisingly well-made, stone stairway leading into the sky to meet up with Dracula's floating castle. Although it was here that, I think, Firemoth was screwing with things because somehow the ground had gotten seperated from the castle structure, resulting in many bewildered zombies and skeletons being relocated miles away, to the bottom of the ocean.

You know, considering how very much I need to get done, I really oughtn't to have been spending so much time with Morrowind last night . . . ah, well.

Last night I also watched Woody Allen's Sleeper. It was a very, very fun movie. And I was surprised to be reminded of Farscape at times. Especially when Diane Keaton's character was pronounced irreversably contaminated by her extended company with the alien (Allen).


My horoscope to-day says that I'll have a lot of extra energy. My numeroscope says I'll probably feel a bit sluggish all day. I'm hoping to break even.

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