Saturday, February 21, 2004

Dreamt last night that I got hold of a bake sale flyer that the mob had put out--the only problem was that at the last moment, the mob had decided not to have a bake sale and to recall the flyers. It turned out there was only one flyer remaining out there--mine. But they didn't know I had it. My friend, who in my dream was Jack Black, convinced me that I could make so much money if I held onto the flyer. So I put it in a mannilla envelope and hid it under my pillow.

Then one day a couple of toughs in suits showed up. Somehow they knew I had the flyer and they proceeded to beat the crap out of me--but I wouldn't tell them where it was. Finally they said they'd give me money so I took them into my room and pointed to my pillow. They had asked if I had made any copies of the flyer and I had said "no." But unfortunately, they found inside the envelope, with the flyer, a copy I'd forgotten I'd made in pencil on lined paper.

Before the guys left, one of them gave me a crumpled, balled up piece of paper. When they'd gone, I opened the paper to find a used tissue inside.

I had another dream, too--I was walking across a bridge over a little river near my grandmothers house when I came across a busy Olive Garden, nestled amongst the trees. I went inside and began trying to take some of their tomato sauce without paying for it. I almost got away with it because there was a restaurant reality television series filming in there at the time.

When I awoke, my first words to Lucky the cat were, "Tomato sauce."

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