Sunday, February 15, 2004

Hung out with Ha yesterday while she bought presents for her Valentine(s). I didn't even remember that it was Valentine's Day until she'd reminded me. So, having almost passed under my radar, it didn't suck so bad.

Ha has now been to Parkway Plaza exactly twice. I was amazed. She introduced me to grape leaves, and was amazed that I had always ordered the same meal from the Greek Gyros--spanakopeta.

One very good thing that happened was this.

My grandmother's already grumbling about it but I hope people will look at this and say, "You know. It don't hurt for gay people to marry each other. What the hell was I worried about?" A little Valentine's Day gift for the whole human race--less bigotry is good for everyone.

I watched, I guess, an appropriate movie for V-Day last night; Gate of Hell. A Japanese, colour film from 1953 directed by Teinosuko Kinugasa, it was about a samurai named Moritoh (Kazuo Hasegawa) who falls in love with a woman named Kesa (the beautiful Machikyo Kyo). After protecting her when she serves as decoy for the Empress, Moritoh is promised a boon by the Emperor. Moritoh asks for Lady Kesa's hand in marriage. The only trouble is that, unbeknownst to Moritoh, Lady Kesa's already married to another samurai, Wataru (Isao Yamagata). But instead of backing down when he discovers this fact, Moritoh becomes violently obsessed.

It was the kind of bitter, terrific love story that one might expect when samurai get involved. It was very good. My feelings about love were properly reflected by this work.

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