Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The packet of works submitted that were discussed in the Acorn Review class last night was completely comprised of crap. There was not a single, halfway decent item in the dispiriting lot. They were all poems. They were all bad poems.

Particularly the last one--something about learning how to fly and kayaking and rainbows in waterfalls. I gave my most emphatic speech about how the author should die a thousand deaths. But what hurt the most is that this absolute piece of dren was voted in! The majority of the class liked it!

Rarely have I felt so let down by humanity. Rarely have I seen a clearer indicator of shear blandness of the mass-human consciousness. I truly want something absolutely bizarre to happen to all of these people. Something to remind them what true excitement can be, that life is more than eXtreme sports and Skittles commercials (two things that the poem was inferior to but probably influenced by). I want these people to wake up and smell the squid men. I want these people to wake up with a hangover, discovering they'd slept with Minnie Mouse.

I want their worlds to be so rocked that when they try to tell their former friends about their uncanny experiences, they find themselves shunned by souls who are unable to accept anything stranger than reality TV. And then Ebenezer Scrooge shall have learned a thing or two.

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