Thursday, February 05, 2004

Oof . . . I feel steamrollered . . .

My cousin, Josh, put my spare tire on my car for me last night, so I got up bright and early (8am!) to go and get my new tire. In twenty minutes, it was done, and I was on my way to getting an oil change--the first oil change I've ever had to get because of time instead of mileage. The incapacitation of my car for tire and insurance added it up that way.

Then I was driving. Not really sure where I was going but I ended up at Plaza Camino Real mall. In their interesting, cosy, coffee place I wrote what is essentially the climax of my novel. It left me with a twist in my gut--in a good way, I suppose. I felt devastated as I walked away from the mall. I suppose I ought to write the denoument but quick.

To-night's the playwriting class. I read the reading assignment in the obscenely expensive book but I'm not sure I've done all the work I'm supposed to. Typical academic me, I guess. Cross your fingers for me.

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