Saturday, February 28, 2004

More on Ghost Story . . .

The book is not at all misogynist. In spite of the fact that it's, I feel, largely about man's difficulty with women, the character of Stella Hawthorne, who brazenly goes out with men other than her husband, somehow, curiously, comes off as someone you not only like, but respect. Even as you, as a reader, dislike what she's doing. And that's a hell of an acheivement, especially as it strengthens the sense of Ricky Hawthorne's helplessness. And yet there's something kick ass about Ricky. Just brilliant, brilliant.

Had a headache to-day until I bought coffee.

But you know, I have to pee . . .

You know what I'd really like right now? A girl. Yup. Pretty typical, but true.

Not even necessarily for sex. Sometimes you just want female company, no matter how good Peter Straub is at scaring you about it.

But it looks like I'll have to settle for Morrowind girls to-day . . .

You know what I want even more? Barbara Stanwyck.

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