Sunday, February 22, 2004


Conan shouldn't have to apologise for those infants having a stick up their asses.

In other news . . . I watched To Kill A Mockingbird to-day. I hadn't seen it since high school and I'd never seen it in widescreen before. Gregory Peck really kicks ass in that movie.

I realised something . . . Brock Peters, the guy who plays Tom Robinson, later played Admiral Cartwright in Star Trek IV and VI. And he also played Benjamin Sisko's father on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Just seemed strange to me. Why wasn't Gregory Peck ever on Star Trek? (He did appear in the US production of Moby Dick with Patrick Stewart, but it's still not the same.)

Why can't Patrick Stewart get more and better roles? That reminds me, I want my copy of Excalabur back from Tim . . .

I was up until 5am working on a play for my playwriting class. Figuring it would never get made anyway, I've so far not skimped on nudity, makeup, or violence.

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