Thursday, February 19, 2004

Went to see The Triplets of Bellville to-day. It had a lot of clever little things about it--I particularly enjoyed how nearly every American was drawn terribly fat and the Hollywood sign was changed to Hollyfood. But there were a number of things I disliked about the underlying concept--I was quickly bored by all the old women animation. I'm generally bored, in fact, by silent old woman charicitures. Guess it's a silly hang up I have. To me, the grandson, with his enormous pointed nose and skeleton body with peculiarly muscular legs, was far more interesting. Unfortunately, the writer(s) decided it would be cute if he had less cognitive ability than his dog and that the movie be mostly about his grandmother rescuing him. I suppose I'm not bothered by the idea of other people enjoying that sort of thing, but to me, well . . . it was boring.

The whole movie didn't live up to the very cool first few minutes--and neither did any of the rest of the movie explain most of what happened in the first few minutes, most notably the fascinatingly terrifying sight of Fred Astaire being eaten by his shoes. I also liked the topless dancing woman with the banana skirt.

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