Thursday, March 11, 2004

Frelling, stupid, damned, ugly, type--Thursdays! Ugh!

Wednesday saw our Setsuled escorting a Russion scientist through Horton Plaza and Seaport village--this was my Aunt's friend Anna who's leaving to-day. My aunt and grandmother were sick so it was foisted on me to be tour-guide Wednesday--a task I am far from equal to. Especially when the person I'm escorting can barely communicate with me.

We went, upon her request, into the San Diego City Store, where I learned that San Diego is known for hot sauce as I stood gazing in wonder at two walls full of little bottles with labels like, "Liquid Stoopid,""You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce," and "Viper Juice."

We also, upon my request, stopped in at The Village Hat Shop and I stood dreaming over a Sherlock Holmes-style, deerstalker hat, wondering if I could get away with wearing it regularly.

Tuesday night, I watched Der Golem, a monster movie from 1920 about a Rabbi who tries to protect his village by calling on Astaroth to animate a big-clay man. It was a very pretty movie with excellent costumes and high contrast black and white. I loved the golem's expressive face; his wide eyes and perminant frown. Not to mention his big clay hair-piece.

And now I've done yet another page of Doll Merchant.

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