Monday, March 29, 2004

Great number of things to do to-day . . .

Dreamt last night about a friend of mine from high school named Matt Laubacher. Matt was valadictorian and he now lives with wife and kid in Arizona somewheres and works as a teacher's assistant. In my dream, he was at Grossmont Community college with me and we got in a big fight, starting out with him knocking my hat off and trying to run away with it. I caught up with him and we came to blows. Never did figure out what he was so mad at me for.

Watched part of The Cure Trilogy DVD last night. I'd already watched the Pornography set, so I watched the Disintegration set last night. Brilliant and made feel depressed and nostalgic and good. It occured to me that, with Disintegration, Smith seemed to've been trying to write the arch of any lovers' relationship by trying to strip it down to the biggest strokes, the broadest themes. And it goes right for the heart.

Of course, I was also depressed watching it because it reminded me that I'm not actually going to see The Cure at Coachella, due to the fact that the person I was going with renegged on me. But that's another stomach of fish . . .

Edited more of my novel yesterday. I'm about two-thirds through with my first run-through.

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