Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Sitting here eating girl scout cookies, noticing that the cookies are marketed as being "old-fashioned" and it occurs to me that it's kinna old-fashioned to market something as old-fashioned, particularly with the font they're using.

The back has a photo of girls hoisting a U.S. flag. Looks like the cast of a third rate spooky mystery cartoon, complete with a token representative of every race and weight.

I wish I had been in girl scouts. I've been thinking about girls a lot lately. Maybe 'cause we're heading into spring, huh? Wow, I bet that's it. Huh. I've never before marked this occasion but, yes, suddenly, mysteriously, vaginas matter a lot more to me to-day than they did a few months ago. And it's not like I was indifferent to them back then.

I will say, though, that I caught myself thinking that if I ever married a man, I would want to wear a wedding dress. Mostly I think there're just omnigendered daemons piroetting about my brain-land.

How about some manga? The famously brilliant Caitlin, one of the great females of this world, has uploaded my chapter 5 of The Adventures of Nar'eth to Nebari.Net. I'm kind of sorry now that no one gets naked in this chapter.

Speaking of Caitlin, you might wanna look at her Girl Who Sold the World in the chronicles section of Nebari.Net.

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