Sunday, March 14, 2004

Watched Bell, Book, and Candle last night. Mostly fun, sort of Beatsploitive (if that's a word) movie. Made me realise that there's something Kerouac-ish about Jack Lemmon.

Kim Novak's feet looked really good. And Jimmy Stewart managed to come off as sweet, funny, and likeable when jilting his fiance on the day of their wedding because he'd had sex with Novak's character the night before. He makes you forgive him, and just kinna look at him and say, "Garsh, that old dog. And anyway, it's only 'cause of the witch's spell--he's really a decent fellow."

I sort of disliked the ending--yet also liked it. I'm a sucker for happy endings in these situations. I just kind of disagree with what the screenplay thought was happy about it. Still, it had Kim in Jimmy's arms, kissing, which in the long run is quite sufficient.

Another new page of Doll Merchant up. I think I draw them better during the day. I had a bad headache and it was late when I did page 48, although I suppose it turned out basically okay. But I like page 49 better.

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