Saturday, March 13, 2004

Saw Secret Window yesterday. It was cute. Johnny Depp was attractive and fun, John Turturro was fun. Depp's hair looked sort of like mine. The surprise ending was slightly predictable but still kind of fun. It's the sort of ending you used to see more often twenty years ago.

The film was directed by David Koepp, the same guy who wrote the mediocre screenplay for Panic Room. Fortunately, Secret Window was based on a Stephen King novella, embuing it with a quality plot.

I sort of want to just goof off to-day but I know I'll feel sick at the end of it if I do . . . Now to decide which project(s) to work on . . .

I drew a new page of Doll Merchant last night. Also, yesterday, Caitlin uploaded the lastest Nar'eth pin-up on I drew it a few nights ago in a fit of Japanese school-girl hallucinations.

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