Monday, March 22, 2004

New page of Doll Merchant.

You know, Paramount should give over the Kirk already. Seems only the fans know that Star Trek oughta be bigger on the fun and make less with the pretentious. I mean, c'mon, where is the big kick-ass space battle of the twenty-fourth century? And I want Sisko back!

Watched The Cross of Lorraine last night. It's a little disappointing to see a Gene Kelly movie where he isn't singing and dancing. But once the French soldiers escaped from the prison camp, the movie wasn't so boring and had some really nice action sequences. Peter Lorre was also in the movie, playing a blood-thirsty Nazi officer who dies in a way particularly graphic for a 40s movie.

Almost watched The Big Lebowsky with my sister last night but she changed her mind at the last minute and wanted me to leave the DVD with her. What is it with people not letting me watch movies with them that I've already seen but they haven't? I love doing that! It's like watching a favourite movie again for the first time. It's not like I talk during any good movie so I really don't know what people don't like about it.


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