Sunday, March 28, 2004

Saw Jersey Girl last night. On the whole, a very sweet film. I do sort of wish fewer movie cliches were used but the movie had enough of its own unique charms that I wasn't overly bothered. The kid, Raquel Castro, was either a very good child actress or the director/crew was able to tease a good performance from her. I suspect the latter. But she was good, regardless, which is surprising in a kid. Affleck was also good, although the audience automatically laughed at him at occasionally inappropriate times. My favourite performer in the film, though, was certainly Liv Tyler who similtaneously carried out the duties of romantic interest and surrogate Jay and Silent Bob. The girl created a character out of her dialogue, adding self-conscious giggles after her own lines that were too obviously funny not to be noticed, and adding an interesting nervous energy.

I felt slightly that music was used too often. There were too many montages were characters weren't talking and instead doing things to a tune. Generally good tunes, though. I did very much like the uses of the Aimee Mann song and the Cure song. And I was pleased to hear Tom Waits' "Jersey Girl" during the credits, even though it was Bruce Springsteen's version. It's okay, though; Springsteen seems to be one of the few people who've covered Waits well.

Still haven't cleared out web space . . . feels funny not doing a page of Doll Merchant to-day . . .

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