Saturday, March 27, 2004

New page of Doll Merchant. Could be the last for a while as I am now completely out of web space. I may take down part 1 and just leave part two. I suppose I should really do a web comic that isn't any kind of serial. I had to take down one page just to get 62 up, in fact, so don't try looking at page 17.

Dreamt last night about an overweight girl I used to know. I ran into her recently (in the dream) and found that she had become really, frighteningly thin. Like Marlene Dietrich.

Speaking of weight issues, I'm so behind on my laundry that I'm wearing a pair of pants that're so tight I didn't think I could possibly squeeze into them. But not only did I manage to put them on, I put them on easily and without any discomfort. Very odd as I've gotten almost no exercise in the past couple months.

A few minutes ago, I discovered that my thumb was coated with dried blood. It took me a while to figure out I'd cut my thumb shaving fifteen minutes earlier. Are my pain receptors just too lazy?

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