Friday, March 19, 2004

Last night watched It Happened One Night, a movie that, oddly enough, took place over the course of several days and nights.

It was a very nice movie. I was sort of pleased to see how doughy Clark Gable looked when he took off his shirt in the famous hey-guys-let's-not-wear-an-undershirt scene. Nice to see that, at some point in history, my physique was the prime kind.

Claudette Colbert won best actress for the movie. But I think it must have been a slow year for great acting because, while she was believable enough, it wasn't exactly the most challenging role in the world. She did look cute, though. I like her nose. And her legs.

The movie itself was a perfect romantic comedy. If you wanna see a top shelf romantic comedy, this one does the trick nicely.

Dreamt something about Castlevania last night. I think I was wandering around its gloomy, abandoned halls with the strange feeling that I'd betrayed someone.

Anyway, there's a new page of Doll Merchant.

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