Monday, October 20, 2008

Already I'm much further ahead to-day than I was yesterday at this time, having managed to wake up at the bright and early hour of 2pm. For some reason, dialogue for Kakeshya keeps coming to me in Japanese.

Last night I worked pretty much non-stop until 1:30am when I decided I needed some excitement, so I went to the grocery store and bought some tea. On the way, a rabbit ran across the road in front of me and I barely stopped in time. It actually seemed to arc slightly towards my car. I've seen rabbits do this lots of times--as though my approaching vehicle is a sign they'll soon be denied access to the wonderful opposite side of the street.

After buying tea, I went to Denny's where I saw a bunch of cops run out into their cars and speed away.

I watch about an hour of anime while I eat breakfast every day, and lately I've been watching one episode of Hayate no Gotoku! and one episode of Top o Nerae. Hayate no Gotoku! continues to be good, especially the tenth episode written by the author of the manga exclusively for the television series. It involved a few of the periphery characters getting caught in a RPG video game and having to negotiate certain logical fallacies and cliches of the particular video game genre, including characters who die without actually being killed (a coffin appears around one character in which she hops about for the rest of the episode), drawing "aggro", and a ridiculously busty villainess who's forced to say "tima" at the end of every sentence--a parody of a certain kind of cuteness imposed on characters in anime and Japanese video games.

Well, I'll get back to the drawing now . . .

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