Thursday, October 09, 2008

I spent all night working on my comic, mainly because of one particularly difficult panel I had to keep fixing. By the time I was done, I had time for nothing else but to eat, during which I watched The Colbert Report online.

I find it kind of interesting hardly anyone online is talking about the last presidential debate--not nearly as many as talked about the vice presidential debate. I suppose it's because Sarah Palin, whether you love her or hate her, is pretty much a circus freak.

Well, I suppose John McCain is kind of a mole man. I don't know who in his or her right mind would call him the winner of the last debate. Once again, Obama managed to match all of McCain's broad, empty statements with facts. And I loved when McCain walked again into the trap about responsible rhetoric when discussing foreign nations. He's twice given Obama not only the opportunity but practically the obligation to bring up McCain's embarrassing "Bomb, Bomb, Iran" song.

After dinner, I went to bed for a few minutes, then got up to use the bathroom and noticed the motion sensor light on in the backyard. Pulling back the blinds, I saw Snow the Cat crouched on the porch staring intently at the door. How could I resist? I hadn't seen him in ages, so I went outside and played with him a while. Though, of course, this plus the maids being here to-day (Thursday) meant I got very little sleep, but I don't mind. I'll forgive anything a cat's responsible for.

The maids don't clean my room anymore, but they're still very noisy, making sleep for me just about impossible. And with my comic as it is, I haven't had time to clean the room myself lately. But I'm thinking I might risk dusting to-night. Maybe then I won't sneeze so much.

The next chapter of Venia's Travels is finally going to introduce the gorgon, Kakeshya, by the way. Here's the outfit I designed for her;

I was trying to go for something that looked both Celtic and Greek. Which I think somehow makes sense with Kakeshya's background. If you'd like to learn more about her, you can start with part 2, section 7, of the history of Niveriku.

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