Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First of all, happy birthday Natalie.

I just finished watching Barack Obama's 30 minute infomercial. It felt like an infomercial. I like Barack Obama, though I can tell if I didn't this infomercial would not sway me, but, then, infomercials never work on me. Still, it deepened the feeling I have that, if he loses, it's going to be one of the saddest days in the world.

I do think it was smart of Obama to really push the hope theme. I think it shows both a real sense of the country's current psychology and a storytelling sensibility of where the country, as an audience, wants to go next. From just about every corner of reality it seems like there's despair and the Republican platform has been essentially just to wave rancid meat in front of our faces. The Obama message seems to be, "Isn't it time we had a glass of water and maybe some carrots instead?"

When I was in line at the grocery store to-day, a girl cut in front of the guy behind me. She only had a loaf of bread and he had a full cart and most people would probably have asked her to go ahead of them in any case, but the girl didn't ask. The guy didn't say anything, and I think he was paralyzed by the fact that this girl was really cute. She may've been a stripper or a waitress at Hooter's because she was wearing tiny red shorts and a tight white shirt over breasts that weren't terrifically large, but slightly more than one would expect from a girl so short and skinny.

She stood really close to me, and I think she was trying to find a way to get ahead of me, too. But she was clearly afraid of setting her loaf down before one of those divider bars became available, fearing maybe the catastrophe of the cashier scanning both her items and mine together and a potential scoundrel like me not lifting a finger to stop it. So she's cheeky enough to cut in front of a guy, but setting her groceries down without the divider bar was an unthinkable breach of etiquette.

I had two other stores to go to afterwards, and I couldn't stop looking at pretty girls. It was like the first girl had sparked something. Then I just couldn't get over how many nice looking girls there are in the world. I remember my friend Marty, when he was my film teacher in high school, once talked to the class about how people in movies assume a certain standard of beauty that is above the standard of the average person on the street. That might be true--I don't see a lot of close-ups of passers-by. But I'll be damned if reality's female extras aren't perfectly fine in my opinion.

At Target, I saw there's a new, two disk DVD edition of Vertigo. Looks like it has the same commentary as the edition I have as well as one new commentary. I can't believe I'm actually tempted to buy it just for that one new commentary.

Anyway, Caitlin's posted links for purchasing her books to-day, and, as usual, I'm reposting them here 'cause I still love the lady.

Daughter of Hounds



Low Red Moon

Murder of Angels

Tales of Pain and Wonder

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