Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last night I dreamt that outer space was underground. Which was eerie--it made me wonder what the fuck was in the sky.

There was some kind of haunted mansion space station I was wandering around in and I remember at one point being in a large elevator that shot out of the ground. There was a little boy with me and I remember saying, "Kid, don't look out the window or you'll get sick." I woke up then, wondering if not looking out the window might have been more likely to make him sick.

I just got back from my parents' house where my mother served squash stuffed ravioli with pumpkin sauce. I liked it, but I like anything pumpkin flavoured except pumpkin beer.

It was walking back here that I finally remembered I'd forgotten to watch the new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I'll see how much I've gotten done by 5am before I decide whether I'll watch it to-night. So much to do. I still have to colour the last two pages of chapter 11 and of course I would write an especially difficult to draw script for 12. I am rather happy I've maintained an ability to write scripts without being too influenced by whether or not they'll be easy to draw.

I listened to The Daily Show while colouring last night and found Jon Stewart's interview with Campbell Brown kind of annoying. It seemed to be an encounter extending from the same half-formed irritation that sparked Stewart's outburst on Crossfire. Brown talked about how her "no bias" show is meant to cut through the prevalent false equivalency in news media, though from what I've seen of her show it is itself indulging in that false equivalency. Stewart refers to Keith Olbermann as though Olbermann is the equivalent of Bill O'Reilly, which seems to me an outgrowth of Stewart's own confused self hatred incited by right wingers he tries to give a fair shake to.

I've seen no evidence to suggest Stewart is any less left leaning than Olbermann. Neither of them do anything on the level of fact distortion and propaganda of Bill O'Reilly. That's what makes O'Reilly bad for the news media, not the fact that he's right wing. Campbell Brown is generally just sort of lukewarm. Her starmaking pwning of Tucker Bounds resulted from the simple situation of Brown behaving how interviewers ought to behave with a witless McCain surrogate and his completely empty argument. The fact that the McCain campaign was infuriated by the interview has more to do with that campaign's paranoia and stupidity than Campbell Brown's talent. So CNN saw her as someone they could market as an alternative to what has been publicised as the left/right poles of Olbermann and O'Reilly. CNN tying to be current always feels like Alan Greenspan trying to discuss teenage sex (see D.L. Hughley and Anderson Cooper).

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