Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I watched the new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles while eating breakfast to-day. I was so happy to find it wasn't as tremendously awful as the previous episode, of which I can't remember many details, which is probably for the best--

Wait. Flashes are coming of Sarah with a kid, John and the beefy guy from 90210 doing military things, and Cameron awkwardly inserted in a pickup close-up when people obviously panicked about her not having been onscreen for a while. It's true, the episode would've been better off focusing on her, but it was a silly moment in a silly episode.

Anyway, the new episode was decent. It felt oddly like a stereotypical "woman's episode". From all the emphasis on childcare, the new Terminator sent from the future being an attractive woman for no apparent reason, beefy 90210's girlfriend showing up from the future so he can be seduced by her despite being upset she's apparently a deserter, and even the T-1000 was trying to be more nurturing to the little girl she's keeping. I actually found it all more charming than anything, and at least nothing happened that didn't make any sense. Well, except for the new T-888. Why even make big terminators if the little ones are just as strong? We've already been told Cameron was made for infiltration.

I got a lot done last night. To-day I plan to get even more done, so I'll get back to it. I'm hoping I'll have time to clean my room, too.

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