Friday, October 24, 2008

Remember what I said about zealots pushing the delusional answers to equations that rational people would have different answers for? To-day I read about a good example, the story of a young white woman, a McCain supporter, who claimed to have been attacked by a large black man when he saw her McCain/Palin bumper sticker and claimed that the man then carved a "B" in her cheek. Turns out the young woman was lying and that she carved the B into her own cheek. It's like To Kill a Mockingbird on the scale of national politics. I'm sure if Ms. Todd had been able to convincingly fake evidence of a sexual assault, she'd have done what Sarah Palin has told her is the patriotic duty of rape victims and purchased her own rape kit.

I sure hope this gives Obama a three billion point lead.

While eating dinner this morning I watched the first episode of True Blood, a live action American shojo series. It's not so bad--it's filmed prettily enough, Anna Paquin's decent. It's fairly predictable, but with the glass of shiraz I had last night, it was kind of sweet.

Giving a backhanded compliment? Me?

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