Thursday, October 02, 2008

I guess Sarah Palin really crammed for that debate. She certainly wasn't light on her feet, though. She had trouble responding to questions--I loved her prefacing of a complete evasion with "I might not answer the questions the way you or the moderator want." In other words, "You can ask all you want, if it's not in my script, I'm not saying it."

At least she had the excuse of being a complete amateur. There's still no explanation as to why John McCain barely seemed aware of his surroundings. Of course, these debates shall probably count for very little. I heard on Howard Stern last night a number of people voting for Obama being asked if they were voting for him because he was pro-life and wanted to continue the war in Iraq. There were several "yes" responses. McCain supporters were asked if they were voting for McCain because he wanted to get out of Iraq and supported stem cell research. More yes answers.

The maid to-day asked me who I was voting for and I said Obama. "Me too!" she said, which I found to be something of a relief what with San Diego being largely Republican until she said, "A woman is not ready to be vice president. I know how we women are."

This election is going to be decided by dice in a cup. Gods. Where are my voodoo dolls?

I realised yesterday I really only needed to do one page, so I went to Tim's and played Soulcalibur 4, which I think I really needed. Then I came back here, inked, and afterwards watched La Dolce Vita. What a beautiful film. On the one hand it's about an emotionally stunted man's life in a decadent and insubstantial world, and at the same time it's this good man's attempt to connect with life as he's surrounded by a beautiful world. Is life chaos and enlightenment an illusion or is Marcello a misfit amongst misfits occasionally glimpsing reality? La Dolce Vita seems like a movie that will remain provoking after a million viewings.

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