Thursday, October 16, 2008

My sister, Chelsea, among other models, on the local news modelling student-made bras for an art institute's breast cancer awareness programme;

I kept thinking of the strapless bra from Vertigo--all of them look as improbable. Why can't bras fulfil the function of every other object or tool known to humankind? But Chelsea did a good job, I think.

I worked on my comic all night last night, listening to Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I didn't have time for much else. I ate brie on sourdough toast while drinking wine as I coloured. It was the first time I'd had merlot, that I know of, and I don't think I like it as much as pinot noir, shiraz, or cabernet sauvignon. It's still better than white wine, though.

I listened to the commentary for Sleeping Beauty. Apparently a whole lot of work went into that movie--there are twenty four drawings per second and Walt wanted the movie solid and clean. It took an entire day to clean up one frame, meaning the clean up people took twenty four days to clean up a second of footage.

The lush and stylised backgrounds I so admired were designed by a guy named Eyvind Earle. He retired after Sleeping Beauty and spent most of his time painting Californian landscapes, but a Google image search with his name shows all his work continued to have the same fascinating blend of sort of art nouveau and two dimensional medieval artwork.

Nothing much else of interest for me to say to-day. I'll get back to drawing . . .

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