Friday, October 10, 2008

So I'm completely done drawing and inking Chapter 10. Not a moment too soon. I still have a lot of colouring to do, but I see no reason I won't be able to start drawing Chapter 11 on Sunday. Thank the gods I decided not to put my update days immediately after the normal completion days. I'd say that is the number 1 reason this comic looks a thousand times better than Boschen and Nesuko. I was looking at page 119 of Boschen and Nesuko the other day for the perspective shot of Olveib city that I remember completely fucking up but having no time to fix. It looks even worse to me now. But the last two pages of that chapter, Chapter 15, and the following chapter were of course plagued at the time by painters for the house coming early in the morning. Since I had to draw, ink, and colour a page per day, I had no choice but to muscle through my fatigue.

While inking last night, I listened to Neil Gaiman read chapter 1 of his The Graveyard Book--I'd known about video of him reading from it being available at for some time, but it was only yesterday it occurred to me what a perfect thing it was to listen to while inking and colouring. I've only listened to Chapter 1, but so far it's pretty good.

The cutest thing I saw yesterday, though, was Keith Olbermann thoroughly flustered by Sarah Silverman. You can see she knows she has him in the palm of her hand, too, but seems to kind of adore him. I'd say I'd like to see the two of them together--he'd be an enormous step up from Jimmy Kimmel--but I don't think Olbermann would ever stop feeling awed by how comfortable Silverman is with herself.

I got choked up this morning watching Nono slice a planet in half in episode 4 of Top o Nerae 2. I don't really know why. That show always makes me feel like I have hormonal problems.

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