Friday, February 12, 2010

Dogpaddling in Alphabet Soup

Last night's tweets;

Potatoes hide in the ectoplasm.
There are ten rooms but only one dinner.
Outside's a coyote cataclysm.
Rabbit population's getting thinner.

The coyotes were making a big racket outside last night but I couldn't spare a moment to go out and try to take pictures. I didn't even watch anything with breakfast or dinner yesterday, it was all colouring, colouring, colouring, from 1pm to 3am. I saw to-day there were an extraordinary number of, I guess I can't call them typos since I wrote them by hand, but mistakes anyway in the new chapter's dialogue which I've fixed to-day (the new chapter's online here).

It's probably because I'm usually listening to Howard Stern while inking--I'm not thinking of the dialogue I'm inking over. I've noticed I have an odd tendency to mix up letter order, as in this new chapter the word "going" was written "gonig". Fortunately, it's rather easy to fix this with Paint Shop Pro's magic wand tool.

So there's not much really to say about yesterday. I read War and Peace for a couple hours afterwards. The Kindle tells me I'm exactly 37% through and I've been reading this book, what, a year and a half? Meanwhile, I see Moira finished Anna Karenina in less than a month. I really miss being able to read so much, though it was probably one of the main reasons I did so poorly in school, constantly stealing class time to read the wrong books.

But these big, 19th century books are good companions to have over long periods. War and Peace has so many characters and the events of their lives are often told from an enthusiastic distance, so it sort of reads like a gossip magazine omnibus.

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