Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Noticing Full Moons

Last night's tweets;

Great armies grow from watered petty cash.
Expectant eyes watch from wet produce bins.
Melted Don Juan wears a leader's grey sash.
Trajectories are ruined by leaf fins.

I finished colouring thirty minutes earlier than normal last night. I suddenly found myself with a little time for totally guilt free goofing off--it was exciting. Maybe too exciting. I played about an hour of American McGee's Alice and then I couldn't get to sleep. And the whole time I played Alice I was just trying to figure out how to get past the first hub area--where it looks like you get to choose the next level you go to, but actually every portal but one is impassable.

I also read some more War and Peace. I've been actually reading for about an hour every night and my Kindle informs me that in one week I've managed to read ten percent of the book. I'm almost halfway through! Reader Setsuled is back! Haha! I should've known cutting out some television would just lead me to find another way of slacking off. Well, I guess it's not slacking off if I'm actually on schedule.

With breakfast to-day, I watched the seventh episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund, which was from last week but I'd read someone say it was a recap episode--a lot of anime series have annoying recap episodes that are basically montages of clips from previous episodes, made even more annoying by the fact that they often include one or two bits of new story. Some of the best anime series have had recap episodes--Neon Genesis Evangelion, Revolutionary Girl Utena . . . but so far, I hadn't seen one in an Akiyuki Shinbo series. I still haven't, because as I discovered to-day, the commenter was wrong and not only was seven a new episode, it was rather pivotal episode. I guess one shouldn't believe everything one randomly reads on the internet.

The episode felt vaguely grindhouse, and I sort of wanted to watch Sex and Fury afterwards. I guess that's what I took from the little girl vampire transforming into a naked, glowing orange adult woman to fight her werewolf lover in a dark church lit by shattering stain glass windows. There was a sadly evident low budget in the episode--there were lots of extreme close-ups and blackouts and even a frankly live action sequence of burning bibles. I wonder if this episode's going to be drastically different in the DVD version. The television versions of a lot of anime series these days often seem to be no more than long previews for the DVD release.

This is the first time we're given a real good look at Vampire Bund's werewolf design. I like it--it looks like a tall, muscular naked man with a wolf head, very berserker. It's so rare werewolf designs come off nowadays. Being Human's design seemed kind of cool until we got a good look and it started looking like a big, badly controlled puppet. I suppose I ought to check out the new Benicio Del Toro movie.

There was a show in the 80s called Werewolf that I used to love as a kid. Looking at clips of it on YouTube now, I find it doesn't quite hold up, mainly for small scale feeling television direction. The snarling werewolf face kind of works as a surprise for bigness of expression, though I think it would grow old quick. I do like the idea of rods used for the arms, but the whole thing looks like it would ultimately be too unwieldy and stiff.

Cgi werewolves seem to lack the basic rawness one would want, though I think a cgi werewolf made by people who don't overestimate the technology might work pretty well.

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