Saturday, February 06, 2010

Girl Character Sex

Last night's tweets;

Liquorice loops excite appendices.
Animatronic gypsies need fibre.
A good AI fights every bear it sees.
But cows and flowers placate the tiger.

I watched the premiere episode of Being Human's second series last night--a vast improvement over much of the first series. George and Nina's relationship was easily some of the best character stuff on the show so far with the two of them sort of growing apart but being trapped together by the werewolf curse. Some of the best relationship drama utilising supernatural story devices I've seen on a television series, seemingly willing to go to more unpleasant places with its characters than the Buffyverse usually was. Though, as Annie the Ghost pointed out in the episode, there was a werewolf named Nina on Buffy (actually Angel). And I have to say Angel's Nina was a lot easier on the eyes than Being Human's Nina. Maybe the general lack of attractive women on Being Human is reflective of the show's target audience being generally more attracted to men, but I guess I'm shallow enough to really miss all the hot dames. I guess this must be what most women feel like when watching xXx or something. Though there was a pretty hot evil vampire tramp in the Being Human episode.

I watched the first season Farscape episode called "PK Tech Girl" with breakfast to-day, which is a show with plenty of cheesecake, and more than that, I always marvel after having not seeing Farscape in a while how deft and vital characterisation on it often was. Even a moment as small as Rygel asserting that a Dominar wouldn't stoop to looting an abandoned ship and Zhaan pointing out he'd never had a problem with looting before--we realise the current situation has reignited an old struggle of self perception in Rygel. And that's just a moment in a series of great character stuff, which alone would be great but you also have beautiful designs and physically present aliens instead of CGI.

I also read the second story in the newest Sirenia Digest, "Los Angeles, 2162 (December)", which quickly introduced a place and atmosphere well before going into a story of alien and/or mutant sex that ably explored the sort of alternate perspective on intimacy and the language of bodies that distinguishes Sirenia.

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