Tuesday, February 16, 2010

They Couldn't Hold Me

Twitter Sonnet #112

Private beauty's stretched to public foulness.
Sweet smelling flowers planted in ground Pez.
Consumer oxen yoked by their own mass.
Sugar mist fills complex candy saunas.
Peppermint cleans living walls to the bone.
A grey brothel has a smiling pope bust.
Ghost sheets don't ever hold people alone.
Truths of old records are matters of trust.
Skipping needles are falling fast asleep.
Cheese and limes are tucked in the burrito.
Sushi settles into a longer keep.
As bloody tears fall from the Dorito.
A perfect hat channelled lemon essence.
The occasion sells court for twenty cents.

Oh, fucking thank . . . everything the jury pool got let out before noon and I don't have to go back. It's over! And I only lost one night/day of sleep.

I went to bed at 10:30 last night and lay awake until 2:30am, at which point I put a slice of provolone on a microwaved croissant and ate it. Then I took some alka-seltzer and actually slept until 6:20. Could've been worse.

This was my first jury duty where I didn't have to go downtown, which I was actually initially disappointed by because I always considered the adventure of going downtown part of the meagre consolation for jury duty. But the courthouse nearer my current registered address turned out to have a much better setup for the jury pool that allowed us to roam from the lounge, to the courtyard, to the cafeteria. I spent most of my time in the cafeteria--I'd printed out the new Venia's Travels script and brought it with me along with some newsprint on which I was able to do the rough versions of the new pages to figure out panel layouts and character placement. That killed about two hours, the rest of the time I spent reading a collection of Jaime Hernandez comics and War and Peace, which surprisingly held my attention through the sleep deprivation haze.

The cafeteria had booths with red, faux leather upholstery and pleasantly reminded me of the shopping malls in David Cronenberg's Rabid and Scanners. The cafeteria probably looked the same when those movies were new.

I went to the actual mall afterwards because I had a weird craving for lemonade. I can't remember ever craving lemonade.

Anyway, I'd better start drawing the new chapter to-morrow. I think I'm only going to be good for real mindless things the rest of the day.

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