Friday, February 12, 2021

Supervising Superhumans

WandaVision returned to something more ordinary last night with a Halloween episode. It was fun seeing the characters in their comic book costumes though that kind of self-referential humour is so old hat at this point I think I would've liked it better if they dressed as witches and goblins. If they wanted to be really funny they'd have dressed Quicksilver as The Flash.

Still no explanation for why it's the Brian Singer-verse Quicksilver instead of the Joss Whedon-verse Quicksilver. He remembers being shot like the Joss Whedon version but maybe that happened to the Bryan Singer version, too, I don't know, I never saw Dark Phoenix. I like how he and Wanda can speak directly about the strangeness they're stuck in but that it's filtered through dopey sitcom dialogue and mugging.

I think it's supposed to be like Malcolm in the Middle this time, I'm not sure.

Outside the force field there's continued drama with the evil white patriarch that's starting to feel even more superfluous. I felt for Vision trying to escape though I think no-one was surprised when it seemed he couldn't survive outside the television world.

I do always enjoy a Halloween episode.

I wonder what the odds are of getting a season finale written by Joss Whedon and directed by Bryan Singer? Maybe in an alternate universe . . .

Twitter Sonnet #1442

Fluorescent waits around adventure's rock.
The time for hair to grow was late at night.
The movie seat contained a golden sock.
Beside it sat a mild, sleepy wight.
The broken bed politely makes itself.
Behind the ears, a vision saw the sound.
As fallen eyes distinguish Henry's health.
The other world decides he mix was round.
The smaller face contained a larger pie.
A bigger cake supports a tiny crab.
To stretch the game, the pawns would baldly lie.
A score of clowns invade the little cab.
Returning dough constructs a circle nut.
The oven door with mitts was firmly shut.

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