Thursday, February 18, 2021

Your Station for Space Mystery

I like a mystery with a big bucket of red herrings. "The Passenger", a first season episode of Deep Space Nine, kills off its killer at the beginning then puts out a lot of possibilities as to how he could survive. But which is the herring we're actually looking for?

Is it the Federation security chief introduced at exactly the same time, who butts heads with Odo? Did the officer who had the killer in custody switch places with him? Did the killer transfer his consciousness to another body? Dax and Bashir investigate.

I like the unexpectedly sunny smile Dax gives Sisko when he tells her "Good work." I don't remember her being such a sweetheart. The moment almost feels improvised.

The killer looks quite a bit like William Shatner, actually. That would've been a hell of a twist.

Deep Space Nine is available on Netflix.

Twitter Sonnet #1444

In rapid time the topic turned to grease.
The buttered pan rejects the mild cake.
Assorted symptoms change the mind of peace.
Beneath a purple sun tomatoes bake.
A future's root was shaved beside the cash.
An extra egg would fall below enough.
A steady crowd collects about the bash.
The forest teeth were jagged, coarse, and rough.
The constant scarf condoned its owner's neck.
Permission passed between the shirt and chest.
The king's confused before a mateless check.
The devil kids had worn their Sunday best.
With freedom came the famous stools for toads.
Deliver bowls across shiitake roads.

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