Friday, February 19, 2021

The Office of Wanda

Wigs were at their worst in last night's decent episode of WandaVision. The shift to an Office-style, single camera dramedy came with a lessened fidelity to tone. Also, bad wigs.

Flatter and more natural looking hair is called for which is, I guess, the hardest thing to fake. While Wanda's at home trying, with less success, to pretend everything's okay even as her magic is going haywire, Vision finds himself in a travelling circus where the girl from Thor has been recently brainwashed.

Kat Dennings was already giving a sitcom-ish performance so it seems like there's really no shift when she starts playing a dippy escape artist. Vision starts interrogating her about his past. Are we going to get an explanation as to why Vision was acting like a sitcom character in earlier episodes?

The end of the episode brought another big reveal, though it's one people on the internet had partially predicted, unlike the one with Quicksilver. This all seems to be leading into the Doctor Strange movie now, which is starting to raise my enthusiasm. Not only is Sam Raimi directing the new Doctor Strange, Danny Elfman is doing the score. I'm glad to hear those two have mended fences after Elfman quit in the middle of scoring Raimi's Spider-Man 2. Doctor Strange seems like it would be an even more appropriate project for the two of them, too. If Benedict Cumberbatch dropped the American accent, I'd be anticipating the film whole-heartedly.

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