Saturday, June 21, 2003

As I awakened to-day, I also identified two of my favourite things; bribes, and clones.

I had a dream that I was browsing at a huge, fashionable clothing store in L.A., only to be accousted by Demi Moore. Apparently she owned the store, and asked me, in the midst of delivering to me streams of jittery, cheerful words, if I would like a job. I said okay.

It was basically straightening clothes, putting them away, helping customers, etc. I had to give special attention to a lot of celebrities, but the only one I seem to remember clearly is Ian McKellen. I gushed to him how much I liked Lord of the Rings and X-Men, and I also told him I'd seen, and especially loved, his Macbeth.

He seemed delighted, and as I helped him out the door, I could tell he felt sorry that he couldn't bring me with him.


After TJ Maxx last night, I went to Starbucks and wrote for more than an hour and a half. I put my scribbles on a good, thick segment of papers. Combined with what I did on Thursday, I'm getting an awful lot of work done on part eight. I think I'll play some Morrowind to-day.

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