Saturday, June 28, 2003

Going just a little mad and feeling just a little unhealthy in a lot of ways to-day.

I think I should get out of the house before I go to TJ Maxx. I'm so glad I quit that place. Already I can see it's been putting some bad twists on my brain. And some bad uses on my time. If only my last day would come sooner.

I have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday off. One of the things I hated about that place is that I never got two days off in a row. My manager came into the breakroom yesterday to point out to me, proudly, that she'd given me the day off on "July the fourth".

I looked at her, blinking, confused, thinking maybe she was just thinking I'd appreciate finally getting a day other than Monday and Wednesday off. "Oh, okay," I said. Then a moment later I realised. "Oh! Fourth of July . . . well, er, thanks . . ."

She couldn't have given it to a less deserving bloke.


Last week at this time I was doing so much better. I was getting so much more done. I need to stop thinking about what I don't and can't have and I need to start losing myself in my art.

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