Monday, June 23, 2003

For some reason, the first thing I did yesterday was to read The Cardboard Box. This, and a phone conversation with Trisa, took up my whole morning before I had to go to that TJ fucking Maxx. At two. No one should have to get up that abismally early.

Haven't gotten any writing done since Saturday night . . . I did finally become a werewolf in Morrowind on Saturday, and I've probably been enjoying that too much.

It's true that my character's actually much weaker as a werewolf--the "bonues" with which the designers have endowed the werewolf form pale in comparison to the modifications I've done to my character (max regular human strength=100. Werewolf strength=150. My character(Grushinka)'s strength, with enchantments=300). But I found that I was fulfilling a lifelong dream--as a kid, I was obsessed with werewolves. And now I've finally experienced the joy of terrorising the townsfolk in the form of a man-like wolf thing during the night, while being hunted and scorned during the day. Oh yeah.

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