Sunday, February 24, 2008

Er, okay. I swear that Enchanted was not a bad movie. I know it's impossible to tell from those excruciating performances of songs that were all tongue-in-cheek in the movie. I felt really bad for Amy Adams, who I really think is a very charming and talented actress, presenting later in her bloody GREEN dress.

That being said, yeah, Once was a much better movie. And that was a much better song.

Overall, kind of an awkward Oscars. I thought Jon Stewart was good, especially when he brought Marketa Irgolva back on stage. I was terrified of Regis Philbin on the red carpet. I think that's the biggest dose of that guy I've ever gotten--so is he like a berserker or something?

And what was all the Hannah Montana crap? I suppose it's because Disney owns ABC . . .

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