Thursday, February 14, 2008

My socks are soaked. It's been raining like a Kurosawa movie outside* and of course I had to park well off campus. I'm pretty over-prepared for rain, though, with a leather jacket, waterproof hat, and an umbrella. I felt a little silly with the umbrella since most of the students around me were making do with hoodies, or even simply t-shirts and shorts. It takes some time for the San Diego brain to catch up with rain.

So it's Valentine's Day. Huzzah. I'm kind of sorry I didn't manage to do a Valentine's Day comic. I kind of like Valentine's Day, maybe because I hate it so much. It's statements like that that make me feel like an artist.

Well, here's last year's Valentine's Day special. And we all know how much good that did me. If I've soured just one person on Valentine's Day to-day, I'll feel I've accomplished much.

*John Ford: "You really like rain." Akira Kurosawa: "You've really been paying attention to my movies."

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