Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oof. Feel like I just got socked in the mouth by the governor. But I invited it. See, along with my perfectly decent and vaguely nutritious burrito I made with sour cream, guacamole, and diced onions, I also made for myself what I thought of as a quesadilla. Though what it would probably be more aptly called is a jalapeƱo and cheese burrito. I loved it. But look what I've done to my mouth!

Why do I enjoy these things? I guarantee you'll not find any Thai dish that's too spicy for me. The first alcohol I had and enjoyed was Wild Turkey. Oh, and wait just a moment while I pop another Atomic Fireball in my mouth.

I think my taste buds just want to live fast and die . . . well, if not pretty, at least pink (dig Amanda Palmer's "vocal vag").

I've just gotten back from class wherein The Miller's Tale was discussed. Er, looks like someone's vandalised the Wikipedia entry; "CHaucer was a basketball player for the cleveland cavailers until he gave birth to his so Lebron James who now dominates the NBA. This story was based on the film monsters inc."

And it was just fixed. It's amazing how quickly people manage to catch these things on Wikipedia. Every page must have someone watching it like a hawk.

Anyway, I'd read The Miller's Tale a couple years ago. I found it oddly depressing this time. I felt bad for the carpenter, who not only lost his wife and made himself look like a complete idiot in front of his neighbours, he also broke his arm! His only crime was being ridiculously credulous.

But I felt a little better when the teacher, to-day, talked about how the story's a mockery of chivalry and Christianity, something I'd somehow not picked up on before. I guess it's a better story when you can keep in mind the character of the miller telling it.

And now for to work on my project. The really silly idea I had yesterday actually ended up being really scary, but I think that's for the best.

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