Monday, February 11, 2008

Strange dream. Thought I'd write it down before going back to sleep.

An impossibly massive room, stretching into infinity in all directions. The floor is polished obsidian, I can't see the walls or ceiling because I'm viewing this from miles above, looking straight down. There's an enormous, empty white bath tub, it must be fifty feet long. In front of it is an army of red coated toy soldiers, thousands strong, neatly arrayed in rows and columns. Only, the troops have been whipped into such a blood lust that they've started firing on one another. I can hear the cracks of their muskets, which are still fired in orderly rounds, despite the frenzy of their wielders.

Somehow I know that I'm the one who provoked all this energy, myself and one or two cohorts, before we went off to pursue our campaign alone. I don't remember any motive on my part except to return home, even though I had no idea where home was, and take a bath.

I can't get the theme from Police Squad out of my head.

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