Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I don't remember getting much sleep to-day, and I suspect I got even less than I remember. I'd had a glass of absinthe (so, so wonderful), but I guess absinthe doesn't make one as drowsy as does rum or brandy, because I wasn't even interested in sleep until 6:30am, and compulsively watched one YouTube Monty Python clip after another. Maybe I ought to've been a lumberjack.

I did, at least, get a lot more done yesterday. I finished a map, then started making up names for places. By the end of the night, I was just making up words for the different languages without assigning meanings, figuring I could draw from the pool at any time. For the nation I'm currently working on, I decided all the words should sound a little like Russian crossed with Japanese.

When I finally got tired of word making, even though it's something productive I can do while drinking, I played a little Knights of the Old Republic, wherein I've just set foot on Kashyyyk. Mission (a Twi'lek girl named Mission) kept pressuring me to have the Wookiee character, Zaalbar, in the party. I finally relented, but I'm beginning to regret it--Zaalbar must be the most annoying Wookiee in Jedidom. It's like someone took just the audio of Chewbacca when he sounded the most like he was whining, and Zaalbar comes out sounding like a horse imitating whale song. And it takes him three times as long to say anything in Wookiee as it takes your average human to say anything in English.

And I watched the new Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Monday's was the first truly badly written episode. Really badly written, with a pro-Christian cherry on top. Maybe the good writers are still on vacation. Though it was nice seeing Summer Glau get her ballet on.

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