Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fake Night and Spaghetti

To-night I think I'll be watching this live Rifftrax thing at 6pm PT (9pm ET). For those of you who've been wondering about Rifftrax, this thing's apparently free and doesn't require registration. It's essentially a live Mystery Science Theatre 3000 short.

I did get a lot done yesterday and I managed to get to bed at 3am. I didn't actually fall asleep until 5am or so, of course, but I'm learning. I did wake up at 1pm, so maybe my body will finally get the idea pretty soon.

Before bed, I drank some shiraz and ate spaghetti while watching the seventh episode of Battlestar Galactica, which was a vast improvement over several that came before. I love watching Gaius with the Cylon lady.

I was rather surprised that the Galactica has such spacious heads--it's like a mall restroom, when I'd have expected something small and cramped. I rather like how space normally seems to be at such a premium that only the commander, the colonel, and the president seem to have anything like rooms of their own, and the president's looks like it's just closed off by a curtain. Meanwhile, this bathroom scene looks like it was lifted from Ally McBeal.

I'm also learning to look away during the opening theme, which for some reason always shows a bunch of spoilers for the episode. And what's with all the incredibly lousy day for night shots?

Nice lens flare. Is that supposed to be from the moon? Someone's got a little too much faith in the blue filter. I never find day for night shots convincing, but shooting on top of a building on a clear day is just sloppy.

I seem to have gotten a particularly nice bottle of Charles Shaw Shiraz. I've been enjoying it over several days, as I purchased at BevMo this handy "VacuVin" that pumps air out of the bottle through a rubber cork. I bet it'll help in keeping mead longer, too, and it'll be especially useful the next time I decide to spend more than two dollars on a bottle of wine.

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