Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's a Landscape Without a Ground?

I keep meaning to write about the atomic bomb I saw a couple weeks ago. Tim was playing Fallout 3, playing his character in a fairly dastardly fashion, leading him to the opportunity of setting off an atomic bomb in the centre of a small town. Fallout 3 uses Oblivion's engine, so whatever problems it may have with writing, it is by far the best rendering of a large, three dimensional world. To those of you familiar with World of Warcraft or Second Life, imagine landscape and objects on it a thousand times better detailed and lit than you're used to, and many of those details are effected by realistic physics.

Or imagine you're standing on the balcony of a tower several miles away from a small town. Now, imagine that, from the place where you know the town lies, there suddenly comes an overwhelming and blinding flash of white light that overrides your entire field of vision for a moment, followed by the sight of waves of dust ripping across the landscape in all directions from the town, the location of which is now also marked by a pillar of white flame mushrooming up into smoke.

Then imagine you can walk across that newly altered landscape until the radiation starts to make you sick and you can see the twisted remains of the town and the people. And there's a crater.

Since Doom, there've been "Big Fucking Guns", but there has been nothing like this before. This is the first atomic bomb in a video game.

I managed to get to bed a little earlier last night. This was followed by a variety of things waking me up throughout the night and day, the grand finale of which was a bunch of guys in the bathroom on the other side of the wall removing the toilet and shower facets. Because "they're old" my grandmother said. Yeah. This house isn't even twenty years old. That's a Southern Californian way of thinking for you. I just can't wait for her to complain about the economy again.

I drew and inked two pages yesterday. Hopefully I'm awake enough to do that again to-day. Gods, I want a shave.

I'm so uncoordinated right now, and I'm making weird decisions. I drove to the mall so I could use the bathroom, and for breakfast I got a bean and cheese burrito and a small coke from Rubio's. The burrito came with chips and when one fell to the ground, I carefully took one of my napkins and lifted the fallen item before carrying it to the trash can. We can't messes, now, can we?

When the woman asked for my name after I ordered, I said, "Yep." As though she'd asked me whether or not I wanted a name. I hope I'm awake enough to get things done. Well, I have coffee now, so maybe.

A lot of the bathrooms at the mall were closed, too, which seems to happen often when my grandmother's getting some work done that prevents me from using the bathroom here. Like there's a secret bathroom deprivation day.

Yesterday my sister and I went for frozen yoghurt before I got to work. I had green tea tart with toppings of raspberries and some sort of peculiar gelatinous cubes. I gather they're made from rice, though they tasted like pill capsules drained of their innards. It was good stuff, though, particularly the yoghurt itself, but I've had a thing for green tea lately.

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