Thursday, January 01, 2009

'Twere Beasts that Killed the Beauty

I just came from my parents' house, where I tried to take pictures of the new kitten, but none of them came out. The little creature can't stop moving--they're all pictures of blurred black fur.

I ate breakfast with my mother and sister, only they were eating dinner. After they left the room, I put the television on TCM and caught part of the original King Kong, which I hadn't seen in two years. Fay Wray is so luminous--her performance is so layered, little tremors of emotion can be seen like a flickering candle flame. These little, seemingly uncalculated, things make the beast seem far more threatening. She creates an internalised world that's subtle and delicate, which is a perfect contrast for the blundering ape who, no matter how he feels, can't possibly understand what's going on.

And I love all the skin-tight, flimsy white gowns actresses wore in the 1930s.

I didn't really have time for anything but my comic last night. I went back to watching the Tenchi Muyo OVAs now that I've finished His and Her Circumstances, the last several episodes of which were rather disappointing. It almost seemed to me that director Kazuya Tsurumaki was rebelling against the forces that made Hideaki Anno leave. But I guess we'll always have those first sixteen episodes.

I watched the seventh episode of Tenchi Muyo. I don't think I'd ever seen past the fourth episode, and five or six were rather disappointing, involving the characters fighting an evil space warlord. But the seventh episode brings us back to the good stuff--good, old fashioned, ridiculous harem anime. It's weird how much more daring anime used to be, though. Gone is the commonplace gratuitous nudity of the inevitable bathhouse sequences, and scenes like the one I saw last night where Washu, the beautiful mad scientist, restrains Tenchi and tries to take a semen sample. It's sad what the new shows give us in terms of ostensibly outrageous and embarrassing situations for the put-upon protagonist.

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