Saturday, January 03, 2009


I don't know why no alcoholic beverage makes me as happy as hot sake. Sure, I enjoy Wild Turkey neat, I'm always glad for some absinthe, but sake, at a fraction of the alcohol content of those beverages, is for some reason the only thing that makes me feel anything like what I'd describe as drunk. The past couple nights I've been making hot sake--a while ago, my aunt told me her Japanese mother would heat sake in the tokkuri on the stove, so that's how I've been doing it the past couple nights. Works like a charm. Much faster than putting it in hot water, which I guess is the traditional way.

I was too tired to draw yesterday, but I spent a lot of time colouring. I also went over to Tim's house and somehow managed to play Soul Calibur 4 tired better than I usually do wide awake.

Howard Stern's been on vacation for a couple weeks, so his Sirius channel's been airing a compilation/documentary called The History of Howard Stern and last night I heard a bit from the 90s from just before Stern really got in trouble with the FCC. A sixty-three year old woman called into the show to tell Stern about how he was destroying the moral fabric of society and that she was going to take down the names of everyone who was going to show up at his Christmas party the next night. Chief among her complaints was the presence of a man who could play the piano with his penis and a choir of gay men.

Stern suggested that the woman would help more people by feeding the homeless or volunteering at hospitals, a suggestion to which the woman apparently had absolutely no reply except to repeat that she was going to "write down all the names" of the people at his Christmas party. Apparently she eventually wrote to her senator, and the transcript of the Christmas party became one of the flashpoints for the FCC charge against Stern. All this sparked by an apparently reclusive woman who also accused Stern of being friends with "negroes".

Stern and Robin Quivers tried asking the woman how a choir of gay men or a guy who could play piano with his penis were hurting anyone. Once again, the woman had no reply, but Stern managed to get out of her that she'd never been married and she refused to answer whether or not she had ever had sex, which sounded to me clearly to indicate she had not. "Women seem wicked when you're unwanted" as Jim Morrison said, and I guess the other side is true, too. The woman so resented her long life of deprivation that she was projecting her frustration on men who were free and happy. And she was one link in a grapevine that apparently went all the way to congress. It was a nice demonstration of the mechanics of batshit crazy morality manipulating this country. The more vigorously someone denies him or herself paths to acknowledge the reality of human need, the more passionately they want to prevent the world from reminding them they're wrong.

The sadness waiting just around the corner for a 63 year old woman who's locked herself up her whole life must be colossal. Life really is too fucking short.

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