Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cat of the World

This is a cat called Magda. She was called Magda by my sister's friend who used to live in the building I just moved into. I see no reason not to call her Magda, too.

I took the above picture outside the laundry room on the second floor. It was the second time I ran into Magda, this time she immediately climbed onto my lap and tried to crawl into my coat. I asked a group of teenagers if she belonged to one of them--"No, that cat just wanders." said one guy.

A few minutes later, I asked a middle aged woman entering her apartment nearby if the cat was hers.

"No," she said. "Is it yours?"

"Er, no," I said.

She explained to me the cat had been owned by someone who didn't pay the extra rent for the cat so it was put out. I think the extra rent is around thirty dollars.

I guess since Magda's been around since my sister's friend was living here means Magda can handle herself well enough. She does have claws, as I found out when I went to pet her when she'd rolled onto her back. Mainly she just seems to have unconditional love for humans.

It's raining to-day, something I didn't even realise until I went to take out the trash. So I'm spending to-day doing a number of things indoors. I put together a second bookcase, this one black that stands 40 inches tall. I'm starting to think I'll actually have somewhere to put all my books and movies.

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