Saturday, November 09, 2013

I Wan t to the t ype Normally

Gods, I miss having a proper keyboard at my disposal. Here's what it looked like when yesterday, as an experiment, I tried typing on the screen at my normal speed:

This is how I normally t th pe. So manu ybk g saga i 'd l I'll ke tree o sa y to ev we r r u o n eb hi tthis th okn ra t o mpedes the process/ I must sa th.

There we have a mixture of mistakes from my goofy, big fingers and automatic corrections made by this thing even though I managed to turn autocorrect off. It still for some reason likes to add spaces in the middle of words and then turn those pieces of words into new words like some asexual reproductive cycle of a single cell organism.

Anyway. Here's the new trailer for "Day of the Doctor", the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special and don't get me started on what a pain in the ass html is on this thing.

I wonder if the title is meant to evoke the Day of the Dead, which is also in November.

It's a shame Kate Stewart isn't half as fun as her father. I really wish Nicholas Courtney hadn't died. How amazing would it have been to have the Brigadier in the special. A character who appeared with five different Doctors--Two, Three, Four, Five, and Seven. His last regular appearance was in the Fourth Doctor story "Terror of the Zygons" which looks as though it's going to be a big part of the upcoming special.

Terror of the Zygons (1) by greendude33

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